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<a href="/news/preventing-business-security-threats" title="Preventing Business Security Threats">Preventing Business Security Threats</a>
Posted on: 01 Oct 2012 

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Preventing Business Security Threats

Preventing Business Security Threats

The internet has rapidly changed our approach to conducting businesses. Over the past years, more business processes are going online and information has been made easily accessible. With the business world being revolutionized, the manner in which businesses collect and store information has also changed. The internet has made it possible to send files faster to remote locations outside of an office. With sensitive information leaving the premises of the organization, up to hundreds of virtual machines all at once, there is a need to monitor the security of the data transfer as well as the storage and access to that data. To achieve this, security policies across both physical and virtual environments need to be put in place and enforced in order to protect companies from common online dangers.

Sophos 2012 Security Threat Report states that, cybercriminals are getting bolder in their attacks these days. These threats are directed towards businesses and high profile organisations that store data in many internet-based systems. Additionally, Ponemon Institute’s most recent U.S. Cost of a Data Breach report shows that the costs of data breach continues to grow with more threats coming. Online companies should turn to Cloud security solutions and services to keep corporate data safe at all times. 

Network Security through the Cloud

In most cases, “people are recognising [cloud] security as a necessity and not just an option…” as according to Jay Arya, Information Security officer at an East Coast-based bank. Similarly, results of the Computer Weekly and TechTarget show that, IT professionals and business analysts around the world are prioritising their 2012 IT budgets for software, hardware, network storage, security, cloud computing, virtualization and more. 

Fortunately, there is a tremendous competitive advantage to be gained by organisations that are placing more efforts in data protection through the adoption of Cloud services. Cloud-based systems, offer a viable solution including protection against computer viruses, spyware and malware, unwanted data erasing, unauthorised transfer of information, crashing of a system and many other forms of protection for business security threats. 

The growing choice of more resources from the Cloud has made corporate IT security for business-to-business communication safer, faster, more secure and efficient. It has significantly reduced illegal file sharing and downloads through data encryption. Additionally enhanced intrusion detection, denial of service protection (DoS), and antivirus defense both at the Cloud Server and user levels are important steps to be taken in the prevention of cyber attacks., ITWiser provide companies with internal and external assessments via IT security audits, penetration testing and ethical hacking.

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