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<a href="/news/pizza-hut-involved-in-data-breach" title="Pizza Hut involved in data breach!">Pizza Hut involved in data breach!</a>
Posted on: 17 Oct 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Pizza Hut involved in data breach!


It has been reported that cyber criminals have made off with card details for a small number of pizza lovers. Pizza Hut then followed this incident with an email to people that may have been affected explaining the situation. A source has reported that the intrusion was on their website, it’s believed that customers who used the mobile application could also be at risk.

This breach occurred in the morning of 1st October 2017 and went through until midday on 2nd October 2017, in total the attack lasted for 28 hours. Customers who placed an order on the mobile app or website during this time could be at risk.

Nicola Fulford who is the head of data protection at a specialist tech law firm, has said that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) advises companies to report personal data breaches that may cause serious harm to the victims involved. Under the current law companies don’t have to inform the ICO about breaches, however when GDPR comes in the force in May 2018 it will be mandatory for companies to report breaches. If any companies fail to comply then they could face a very hefty fine which could result in that company closing its doors.

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