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<a href="/news/phishing-attacks-hit-7-in-10-uk-universities" title="Phishing attacks hit 7 in 10 UK universities! ">Phishing attacks hit 7 in 10 UK universities! </a>
Posted on: 02 May 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Phishing attacks hit 7 in 10 UK universities!


It has been reported that UK universities have fallen victim to phishing attacks. This is where an individual has been tricked into releasing confidential or personal information via email. This information comes from a FoI request made by Duo Security to 70 UK universities. Out of the 70 requests that went out 51 responded, 7 universities reported that they had been targeted 50 times last year.

Phishing emails come in many different shapes and sizes, the important thing is educating people and making them aware of what to look for. The fraudsters have had a lot of practise at sending these emails out and they look more genuine each time.

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