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<a href="/news/password-reuse-blamed-for-breaches-at-groupon" title="Password reuse blamed for breaches at Groupon!">Password reuse blamed for breaches at Groupon!</a>
Posted on: 23 Dec 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Password reuse blamed for breaches at Groupon!


The issue with password reuse has cropped up again in the Groupon breaches, there has been a number of fraudulent purchases from UK accounts. Groupon have confirmed that they haven’t been hacked and there has been no security breaches.

The cyber crooks have gained access to the user’s accounts using lists of credentials that have been leaked from other attacks. These types of attacks will grow and become more popular in the future with people using one password or the same secret question for all their accounts. It has also been reported that users use very similar passwords if they do change regularly but these can be guessed easily.

Reusing the same password for multiple accounts allows cybercriminals to mount successful credentials stuffing attacks. This type of attack has also affected companies such as Deliveroo and the UK National Lottery over recent weeks.

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