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<a href="/news/oracle-release-298-patches-to-fix-cyber-security-problems" title="Oracle release 298 patches to fix cyber security problems!">Oracle release 298 patches to fix cyber security problems!</a>
Posted on: 19 Apr 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Oracle release 298 patches to fix cyber security problems!


Oracle has finally released a massive 298 patches today to fix a large number of security holes in their systems.  Some people have speculated that Oracle have left a backdoor into their systems for the NSA to make use in the war against Cyber Crime.  The problem with this is that the tool which the NSA use to do this has been shared on the internet around the globe and is now accessible by the cyber criminals.

Oracle is urging all customers to update their systems immediately to the latest patches to increase their security.  It is worth noting that early versions of Solaris are now unsupported and as such fixes have not been made for these systems despite the flaw still being there.  Anyone running older systems are urged to ring fence and upgrade immediately to avoid massive data loss.

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