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<a href="/news/old-malware-could-be-more-of-a-threat-than-new-malware" title="Old Malware Could Be More of a Threat Than New Malware">Old Malware Could Be More of a Threat Than New Malware</a>
Posted on: 19 Jun 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Old Malware Could Be More of a Threat Than New Malware


A recent RSA Conference in London has highlighted the risk from old Malware programs that can still be active on your Microsoft systems.  Many hackers are reusing some Malware programs from over 7 years ago because they are often still active on many older systems due to lax update systems in many companies.  The newer and more sophisticated Malware hacks are not always as effective as their older counterparts.

The startling revelation comes in the face of a blog post on the Cyber Trust Blog on the Microsoft website that confirms the newer versions of windows have a lower rate of malware infection than the older versions.

Statistics show that up to 20% of older systems do not have up to date antivirus or security software installed. The higher infection rates could also be attributed to inconsistencies in updates and patches on the Microsoft systems.  Many businesses do not have a consistent policy for updating their software and such updates, although annoying, can protect your systems from infection and close invisible back door entries into your systems.

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