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<a href="/news/norwich-youth-court-takes-hackers-phone" title="Norwich Youth Court takes hackers phone!">Norwich Youth Court takes hackers phone!</a>
Posted on: 14 Dec 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Norwich Youth Court takes hackers phone!


The 17-year-old lad who hacked TalkTalk has been given a 12-month rehabilitation order and he has also had his phone taken away. The young lad confessed to the hacking crimes against the UK ISP TalkTalk. Norwich Youth Court is where the young lad was sentenced, it has been reported that the chairman of the bench Jean Bonnick said that his IT skills will always be there, but to use them legally in future.

The teens hard drive has also been taken away from him, it has been said that all in all it will have been an unpleasant morning for the youngster. The young lad had been using a tool to reveal the weak spots which were vulnerable to SQL injection. The gaining access was just a case of showing off to his friends, the boy didn’t get any financial information from the hack. The TalkTalk website was hit more than 14,000 times after the teen shared the vulnerabilities online.

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