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<a href="/news/nhs-could-have-done-more" title="NHS could have done more!">NHS could have done more!</a>
Posted on: 27 Oct 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

NHS could have done more!


It has been reported that the NHS could have fended off the WannaCry attack earlier this year if they had taken simple steps to protect their computers. However, they were offered advice about falling victim to a cyber attack a full year before the incident but didn’t act on the advice.

An investigation was carried out by the National Audit Office which focused on the impacts that the WannaCry attack had on the NHS. Included in this was the effect it had on patients, why some parts were affected and the response that the NHS gave at the time.

WannaCry hit a massive 34 percent of health trusts in England, however, the full extent of damage and financial impact isn’t known. Across 5 different regions thousands of appointments and operations were cancelled which left some people a bit worse for wear. The disruption also meant that people in those 5 regions had to travel further for emergency treatment.

The watchdog has found that the NHS did not respond to the cyber-attack warnings until July 2017, these warnings were given to the NHS back in early 2016.

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