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<a href="/news/new-year-new-malware-neverquest-trojan-to-target-banks" title="New Year, New Malware: Neverquest Trojan to Target Banks">New Year, New Malware: Neverquest Trojan to Target Banks</a>
Posted on: 02 Jan 2014 

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New Year, New Malware: Neverquest Trojan to Target Banks


2014 may only be a couple of days old, but already businesses returning to work over the next few days have a new strain of malware to worry about.

Dubbed Neverquest, the new Trojan is designed to target ‘any bank in any country’, stealing login information and accessing accounts through victims’ computers.

While there are indeed millions of different types of malware currently in the wild, experts are particularly bothered by Neverquest, regarding it as something even more dangerous than the infamous Zeus banking malware – the Trojan regarded as the king of banking malware.

Having investigated the forensics of the malware, researchers for Kaspersky Lab revealed that “In light of Neverquest’s self-replication capabilities, the number of users attacked could increase considerably over a short period of time.”   These attacks could result in thousands of people being swindled out of cash.

A proven formula for success

Neverquest can be introduced to a user’s system via email, file transfer, or social media, and is designed to watch the information being entered into a Web browser. If it recognises a predetermined financial term, the Trojan is able to check the website URL against its vast database and provide attackers with the credentials needed to remotely access an account. According to TechRepublic, it will then be able to do one or all of the following:

  • transfer money to different accounts
  • change login credentials, locking out the account owner
  • write cheques to money mules.

What makes Neverquest particularly scary is that fact that it operates in a similar way to the Bredolab botnet client. While it is no longer a threat, at the height of its powers Bredolab was the third most distributed piece of malware on the internet and consisted of some 30 million computers worldwide. The fact that Neverquest is already on sale and does not require the skilled level of control needed for Zeus means that attacks could get out of control pretty quickly.

Stay Secure

While Neverquest is an imposing Trojan and seemingly a threat to us all, there are ways to help protect your systems against attack. The first thing to do is to ensure that your computer operating systems and applications are up-to-date. Then, make sure that you have ITWiser’s cloud web security installed.

Cloud web security is designed to eliminate all known malware and other viruses at cloud level before they are allowed to exploit your systems. If your business uses multiple computers then this software is essential and, teamed with the latest developer updates for your OS and apps, will vastly reduce the likelihood of your system becoming a victim of cybercrime.

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