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<a href="/news/new-hacking-clan-exposed" title="New hacking clan exposed!">New hacking clan exposed!</a>
Posted on: 15 Dec 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

New hacking clan exposed!


It has been report that security researchers have exposed a new Russian hacking gang called MoneyTaker. The gang have managed to carry out more than 20 successful attacks involving legal firms and financial institutions in the UK, USA and Russia. These attacks are only over the last 2 months, the group primarily target card processing systems, these include the AWS CBR (Russian Interbank System) and Swift (US).

The group has gone unnoticed for a while due to them changing their tools and tactics to bypass antivirus solutions and traditional security solutions. Also, the group remove traces of their activity after completing operations which makes them hard to track and find. Out of the 20 attacks that have been carried out 16 attacks were in the US, 3 in Russia and 1 in the UK.

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