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<a href="/news/network-security-audit-highlights-work-experience-threat" title="Network Security Audit Highlights Work Experience Threat">Network Security Audit Highlights Work Experience Threat</a>
Posted on: 19 Jul 2012 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Network Security Audit Highlights Work Experience Threat


ITWiser conducted an internal network security check on a west yorkshire business which highlighted a high risk security hole. This security hole had been caused by a work experience student downloading the game Quake dating back to 1998.

This game was being launched on a morning and kept minimised throughout the day. Whilst the game was running it was possible for us to gain full access to the PC running this game. Not only that, we could also connect out from this PC to other network machines and obtain confidential data.

It is always important to restrict what staff can download using a product such as our Cloud Web Security solution to ensure old software such as games are not being loaded onto the network bringing with them backdoors such as this.

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