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<a href="/news/natwest-involved-in-password-glitch" title="NatWest involved in password glitch!">NatWest involved in password glitch!</a>
Posted on: 28 Sep 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

NatWest involved in password glitch!


It has been reported that NatWest are looking back at claims suggesting that they knew about a serious security glitch. The password security glitch in question occurs when a user goes to log on to their online banking. Users will be asked to enter certain digits of a password they have pre-set; this form of verification has become quite popular and is used by some banks. However, some users have experienced some issues whereby they’re being asked for digits that don’t exist in their password.

It was first reported about a week ago, this was after a user went to enter their password into the fields and they were asked for the 11th digit of their password, however the password is only 9 digits long. The user then rang the NatWest Customer Care Centre worried that they had been hacked. The user then received a letter from NatWest apologising for the incident and saying it was being escalated and looked into by the technical teams. After lots of troubleshooting and testing the technicians couldn’t figure out why this issue had occurred, the issue is still being investigated.

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