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<a href="/news/mobile-devices-now-vulnerable-to-malware-attack" title="Mobile Devices now vulnerable to malware attack">Mobile Devices now vulnerable to malware attack</a>
Posted on: 03 Sep 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Mobile Devices now vulnerable to malware attack


Android users have recently been warned over the illicit background use of some plug ins that have been downloaded from Google Play.   The Certifi-gate vulnerability can be exploited via a popular app. That is used to allow users the ability to record their actions on an Android device but can also be used to allow hackers to gain full control of your device.

The app in question was developed in London and released on the Google Play platform and has been downloaded in excess of 90,000 times so far.  Not all Android devices are vulnerable but a recent survey conducted suggests that between 40-50% of users don’t have the updated firmware on their devices and are therefore exposed.  This highlights the importance of keeping your hardware up to date and

We provide a full remote IT management service here at IT Wiser and our Virtual IT Manager allows us to be proactive to your needs allowing us to make sure that all relevant software updates are run on your IT Hardware.  This ensures that you protect your systems from vulnerabilities by having your systems updated to block out potential attacks.  No system is fool proof but by ignoring important updates you are leaving your business open to potential attack just like the android device users. 

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