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<a href="/news/mobile-banking-malware-encrypts-your-files" title="Mobile banking malware encrypts your files!">Mobile banking malware encrypts your files!</a>
Posted on: 21 Dec 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Mobile banking malware encrypts your files!


It has been reported that cyber criminals have managed to add ransomware functionality to a mobile banking trojan. Kaspersky Labs has warned that the modified Faketoken can steal credentials from more than 2,000 Android financial applications. Based on telemetry Kaspersky Labs has estimated that Faketoken has managed to infect over 16,000 users in 27 countries. The users in Ukraine, Thailand, Russia and Germany have been affected the most.

It has been reported that different variants of the malware surfaced back in July. Faketokens main scam is still stealing financial information. The ransomware side of the app is proving to be problematic for the victims, however it’s not as powerful as its developers might have hoped.

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