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<a href="/news/misconfigured-aws-s3-exposed-1-8m-records" title="Misconfigured AWS S3 exposed 1.8M records!">Misconfigured AWS S3 exposed 1.8M records!</a>
Posted on: 23 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Misconfigured AWS S3 exposed 1.8M records!


It has been reported that a voting machine supplier that services dozens of US states has misconfigured its AWS storage. The result of this sloppy mistake has exposed 1.8 million records, which have been exposed for public viewing and download. ES&S were told by security researcher Chris Vickery, about the vulnerable database from a recent election in Chicago, Illinois.

The records that have been leaked had voters’ names, dates of birth, addresses and partial social security numbers, it’s been reported that some of the records included state ID numbers and driver’s license numbers. The files that were discovered were not linked to the voting or tabulation system, they didn’t include any ballot information or voting totals.

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