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<a href="/news/middle-managers-pose-greatest-email-security-risk" title="Middle Managers Pose Greatest Email Security risk">Middle Managers Pose Greatest Email Security risk</a>
Posted on: 30 Apr 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Middle Managers Pose Greatest Email Security risk


ProofPoint a US based internet security company has undertaken a study recently that has outlined the type of employees that are most likely to cause a virus to enter a network via email.

Interestingly, it seems that middle managers are identified as TWICE as likely to open a rogue email and infect their machines than other employees.  This group of individuals is now being the target group of Internet spammers because it has been identified that they are most likely to open and read these types of email.  This is happening in every industry and department within a business, although the study identified that employees in sales, procurement and finance departments were clicking links up to 80% more frequently than those in other departments.

These employees are being targeted using email messages containing an attachment, most of which are disguised as invoices or statements, are the most prevalent ways of attack.  Once the message is opened, the recipient is invited to review or view an attachment, which contains the malware.

Viruses can be harmful but also extremely costly if your entire network becomes infected. In some cases companies were stacked and were prompted to pay a huge ransom to hackers release their business files from the malware on their systems.  One such malware attack made headline news worldwide as many businesses ground to a halt after being infected by Cryptolocker and although by sheer luck the group behind this were finally apprehended, many businesses were infected and ruined, never mind the number who had paid out over an estimated £3m to be released from the virus. 

Startlingly the study also showed that at least one out of every twenty-five messages containing illegitimate phishing software is not only downloaded but also opened by staff.

ITWiser can provide a solution to filtering the bulk of such threats using our Cloud Mail Security service.  This is one area where is does pay to be protected. For a reasonable monthly subscription your business can be protected against most malware and phishing emails and have threats filtered out before they even hit the mailbox of any individual.

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