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<a href="/news/microsoft-releases-patches-for-flaws" title="Microsoft releases patches for flaws!">Microsoft releases patches for flaws!</a>
Posted on: 09 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Microsoft releases patches for flaws!


Microsoft have released the August edition of patches which will address security holes in multiple applications and products. People have been urged to get these updates applied before they are exploited.

There are many flaws that these patches will patch and among these flaws are remote code execution holes in Windows, Internet Explorer/Edge and flash player, plus a guest escape in Hyper-V. Out of the 48 patches issued by Redmond, 25 are been classed as critical security risks.

Included in those 25 critical risks is a remote code execution vulnerability for all supported versions of Windows, there is already a publicly available exploit for this. It’s been reported that the flaw allows the cyber criminals to take over a target machine that’s on the network. This will be executed using a malicious windows search or an SMB query.

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