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<a href="/news/microsoft-facebook-and-google-caught-out-by-premium-rate-number-scam" title="Microsoft, Facebook and Google caught out by premium rate number scam!">Microsoft, Facebook and Google caught out by premium rate number scam!</a>
Posted on: 25 Jul 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Microsoft, Facebook and Google caught out by premium rate number scam!


Some of the biggest names in the IT industry have been caught out by scammers who have setup premium rate numbers and have got the tech giant automated authentication systems to dial them.  It is thought that over $750,000 has been exploited through this method and that the companies have scrambled to adapt their systems to prevent this from happening.

Google’s systems worked the best by restricting the number of calls made by its authentication system to 10 per hour.  However, some of the others such as Facebook and Instagram allow one phone call every 30secs to the premium rate lines.

On user setup a brand new Office 365 trial account using his premium rate phone number as his primary contact.  In order to fool the standard protection systems, he added up to eighteen zeros to the start of his phone number.  There were very few restrictions on the number of calls that could be made by Microsoft leading to a large loss for the tech giant.

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