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<a href="/news/mcafee-rumbles-malware-dev-firm" title="McAfee rumbles malware dev firm">McAfee rumbles malware dev firm</a>
Posted on: 12 Aug 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

McAfee rumbles malware dev firm


McAfee have said a software company with more than 50,000 downloads is distributing fraud malware and browser hijacking. Santosh Revenkar who is a researcher has said Lavians Inc is distributing the web browser redirect and homepage hijacker. This creates issues and problems that the firm then tries to repair but at a cost.

The method is coming straight out the black hat fraud handbook. It is used by criminals who take advantage in the rise of trash applications to inject adverts, and then drop all sorts of malware onto computers.

Revenkar says they have observed Lavians Inc repackage clean pieces of software and applications with a browser hijacker. Which avoids the suspicion and also increases its outreach.

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