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<a href="/news/mcafee-dumps-signatures-to-end-botnets" title="McAfee Dumps Signatures to End Botnets">McAfee Dumps Signatures to End Botnets</a>
Posted on: 27 Feb 2013 

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McAfee Dumps Signatures to End Botnets


Despite having a malware signature database of more than 113 million, McAfee has decided to turn its back on this form of malware identification data in favour of a system that works on behaviour and reputation.

According to a story by The Register, McAfee – the world’s largest dedicated security technology company – has now integrated behavioural heuristics into its security code with the aim of spotting unknown malware samples based on their operating characteristics, the results of which could put an end to botnets as a threat.

McAfee says that it has made some 38 new improvements to its security suite, integrating security products into a unified suite – something that has been a long-time goal of many of within the industry for some years.

“Customers no longer have to worry about botnets; we will take care of that for them. We can catch things that no one else can in the industry,” McAfee’s General Manager of Network Security told The Reg.

It was also said that the company has plans to release products using bought in sandboxing tech from ValidEdge, which has the ability to run malware samples in a virtual machine, testing their effects on operating systems without letting them loose.

Online antivirus software

Not for everyone

The steps that McAfee are taking are excellent ones in the on-going fight against malware; however, the software will still rely on a network in order to work at an optimum level. As good as they are, these types of antivirus solutions are certainly not beneficial to everyone, particularly businesses whose computers may be away from the network regularly, possibly even for months at a time. Being away from the network will mean that none of the essential software updates can be installed, new policies cannot be received, and infections cannot be remotely cleaned.

A better solution

It is therefore more beneficial for businesses to look towards Cloud Antivirus in order to fully protect machines when they are not physically accessible on the local network. With Cloud Antivirus, laptops can managed from the cloud, allowing them to receive updates, and even have any viruses removed remotely.

McAfee maybe leading the way in the battle against malware, but without being on a local network, any innovative products that they offer are essentially useless. With Cloud Antivirus provided by ITWiser, you can rely on your computers being fully protected from infection anywhere in the world and for me this makes it essential. 

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