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<a href="/news/mass-hijacking-of-750-domain-names" title="Mass hijacking of 750 domain names!">Mass hijacking of 750 domain names!</a>
Posted on: 14 Jul 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Mass hijacking of 750 domain names!


It has been reported by Gandi that more than 750 domains have been hijacked. It was reported late last week that an unknown person, managed to get hold of the company’s logon details for one of its technical providers. Once the unknown person had gained access they had access to lots of top-level domains such as .au, .ch, .se, .jp and .asia.

Using the login, the attacker was able to change the domain details on the official name servers for 751 domains. They were then redirected to a specific website that infected them all with malware.

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