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<a href="/news/many-systems-still-not-protected-against-heartbleed" title="Many Systems Still Not Protected Against Heartbleed">Many Systems Still Not Protected Against Heartbleed</a>
Posted on: 08 Apr 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Many Systems Still Not Protected Against Heartbleed


Over a year ago the Heartbleed Bug was identified as a serious risk to many systems using the OpenSSL cryptographic software for data encryption. This is software that has been widely used to encrypt data in web applications, email communications, when sending data across instant messaging applications and also in Virtual Private Networks used in some businesses.

It is likely that most businesses and indeed personal users alike have been affected by this vulnerability. The Bug creates an untraceable backdoor into your system and if you are running an older version of an operating system it is likely that your system is susceptible. The extent by which you could be affected depends but it is possible that your systems could be open to attack.  If you are not aware of the potential weakness created by the Heartbleed bug you will need to get your systems checked as soon as possible.  Data such as usernames and passwords can be accessed through this method and there will be no trace of any attempt to access your system.

Frighteningly, over 75% of the top 2000 global companies have systems that are still open to be exploited by the Heartbleed Bug and this means that your personal data data could be at serious risk too.  Do you know whether your business is protected adequately? Could vulnerability in your system allow external access to your business details?

Our External Security Audit can assist you in identifying whether or not this risk is present in your company. We can undertake extensive penetration testing on your systems and our experienced team will be able to advise you of the best solution to protect your business.

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