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<a href="/news/manchester-police-still-running-xp" title="Manchester police still running XP!">Manchester police still running XP!</a>
Posted on: 20 Sep 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Manchester police still running XP!


It has been reported that Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are still using machines that have Windows XP installed. This information is according to a Freedom of Information response, the GMP are currently running 1,518 machines on Windows XP. Out of all the machines that the GMP have in use that comes down to 20.3 percent running Windows XP. Microsoft ended the support for this operating system way back in April 2014.

The NHS were caught out by this issue earlier in the year when the wannacry malware attack broke out. The NHS still run Windows XP machines more than 3 years after it became unsupported by Microsoft.

A spokesman for the GMP has said that they are reducing the reliance on XP. The spokesman went on to say, the reason why so many XP machines are still in place is down to the complex technical requirements for a small number of specialised applications.

The Home Office were asked back in June to disclose the number of ageing machines they had, they admitted to running 18,000 Windows XP machines. If the public sector continues to have ageing and out dated equipment, then breaches and attacks could become more and more frequent.

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