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<a href="/news/malware-hidden-in-mac-files" title="Malware hidden in MAC files!">Malware hidden in MAC files!</a>
Posted on: 23 Oct 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Malware hidden in MAC files!


It has been reported that hackers have stashed malware into legitimate files and applications. MAC users are facing a full wipe and reinstall of their systems because of this malware nasty. The culprit is Eltima software, these people make the popular Elmedia Player and download manager for MAC users. The firm has confessed recently that the latest versions for the 2 apps have come with an unwanted extra, the OSX.Proton malware has been hidden inside.

This software nasty which was injected into the application downloads was spotted by the security shop ESET, the researchers then alerted Elmedia about the issue. Elmedia then launched a full investigation into this issue, which revealed that cyber criminals had managed to get into the developer’s servers. Once the hackers were in the system they embedded the malware nasty into the download files, which meant as soon as the users pull down the patches for their software they would become infected.

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