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<a href="/news/london-s-police-have-missed-the-deadline-for-windows-xp-upgrade" title="Police have missed the deadline for Windows XP upgrade">Police have missed the deadline for Windows XP upgrade</a>
Posted on: 10 Aug 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Police have missed the deadline for Windows XP upgrade


Metropolitan police in London have missed their deadline to migrate from Windows XP.  Its reported that tens of thousands of police computers are still running the Microsoft unsupported operating system. The force, that are on the front line fighting against criminals and terrorist threats in the capital, are running Windows XP on roughly 27,000 computers.

In May 2015, the force had a grand total of 35,640 computers however 34,920 of these machines were running Windows XP. They had a deadline of March 2016 to complete the migration to Windows 8.1. It has now been revealed that only 8,000 of the Mets computers have been migrated since last September. The new target is for another 6,000 computers to be moved over to Windows 8.1 by September 2016.

Windows XP is a massive security risk if you don’t pay Microsoft a large amount of money for specialist patches.  It is a worry that Londoners information and data is being processed by out of date vulnerable machines. Windows XP became unsupported in April 2014 over 2 years ago.

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