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<a href="/news/las-vegas-resort-leaves-credit-card-information-open" title="Las Vegas Resort Leaves Credit Card Information Open">Las Vegas Resort Leaves Credit Card Information Open</a>
Posted on: 07 May 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Las Vegas Resort Leaves Credit Card Information Open


Hackers have managed to infiltrate the network security measures at the Hard Rock Café Resort in Las Vegas, leaving them open to steal retail and service users details.

The attack was foiled at the beginning of April but had apparently affected transactions from as far back as the prior September.  Such an attack was made possible by malware that was found on the systems in the Hard Rock Café databases. Operation of this software had been going in excess of seven months undetected.

It is becoming more prevalent for such data to be stolen through the Point of Sale networks and the malware used is becoming more sophisticated. It is just as important to protect the front of house equipment, as it is to secure your network as a whole.

Contact ITWiser today to request your external and internal security audits to make sure that your customers data is protected.  It is astounding that a company on the scale of the Hard Rock franchise has allowed itself to be so open to security breaches. Make sure you aren’t next by taking what could be some simple and effective steps. It is always more prudent to prevent the breach than to have to tackle it.

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