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<a href="/news/lakeland-resets-passwords-after-security-hack" title="Lakeland Resets Passwords After Security Hack">Lakeland Resets Passwords After Security Hack</a>
Posted on: 25 Jul 2013 

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Lakeland Resets Passwords After Security Hack


Hack attacks, security breaches, and cybercrime are all things that we generally associate with banks, credit card companies and other online financial institutions. The truth is, everyone one is at risk, as has been proven with a major security breach involving homeware retailer Lakeland.

Late Tuesday night, Lakeland, a company with 64 stores nationwide and one of the most popular homeware websites in the UK, sent out an email to customers admitting a security breach and informing them that passwords would need to be reset as a result. According to an article by the BBC, Lakeland said that the breach was originally detected last Friday and two of its encrypted databases were accessed during the attack. It was not clear whether any data was stolen.

The attack, it seems, is being blamed on a problem in Java-based software – something relied upon by millions of websites worldwide.

“Lakeland had been subjected to a sophisticated cyber-attack using a very recently identified flaw in the Java software used by the servers running our website, and indeed numerous websites around the world,” said managing director Sam Rayner.

“This flaw was used to gain unauthorised access to the Lakeland web system and data. Hacking the Lakeland site has taken a concerted effort and considerable skill. We only wish that those responsible used their talent for good rather than criminal ends.”

The BBC article goes on to say that Lakeland intends to be “open and honest” with customers regarding the incident and its teams had worked ‘around the clock’ to identify and block the problem. The major worry for customers, though, is the company’s inability to say what information had been contained in the attacked databases, leaving them in the dark about whether personal and financial data had been compromised.

Don’t leave anything to chance

There are no doubting Lakeland’s attempts to do right by its customers; however, such a security breach can be hugely damaging to the reputation of a company and can really affect public confidence. This is not the first company that has suffered a major cyber-attack, nor will it be the last. What it does show is that, when it comes to security, nothing can be left to chance.

Cloud web security from ITWiser is essential in ensuring your business does not become a victim of cybercrime and will provide your network with advanced antiphishing and antivirus software, as well as offering a powerful antispyware and malware engine.

Hackers like to seize upon any opportunity to exploit weakness and the only way to prevent a PR nightmare as the one suffered by Lakeland is to make cloud web security your primary objective.

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