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<a href="/news/la-times-involved-in-crypto-mining" title="LA Times involved in crypto mining!">LA Times involved in crypto mining!</a>
Posted on: 26 Feb 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

LA Times involved in crypto mining!


It has been reported that the Los Angeles Times website has been secretly mining crypto-coins after hackers silently injected mining code into their webpages. This has been done by using the visitors web browsers and PC’s, this has been happening for several days. The IT staff for the newspaper have left at least one of the Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage buckets wide open. This means that anyone on the internet can freely update, tamper or change the content for their website.

The hackers used this brilliant opportunity to inject the Coin Hive’s Monero-mining JavaScript into the LA Times webpages. People who visit the website will start crafting alt-coins for the hackers who injected it, unless the user’s PC’s have anti-virus installed which is set to prevent scripts like this from running. The script in question has gone undetected and remained of the radar since 9th February 2018, it’s been recommended to avoid this website until the bucket has been protected.

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