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<a href="/news/kimpton-hotels-hacked-have-you-stayed-there" title="Kimpton hotels hacked! Have you stayed there?">Kimpton hotels hacked! Have you stayed there?</a>
Posted on: 02 Sep 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Kimpton hotels hacked! Have you stayed there?


The hospitality giant Kimpton have said that 61 of their hotels and restaurants have been compromised. They have been infected by malware which was targeting customer card payments.

Kimpton has said that the infection had hit the servers where all the credit card information was being stored and processed. The malware was active from 16th February 2016 to 7th July 2016. In that time the malware had collected card numbers, verification codes and also expiration dates. All this information was taken from the point of sale terminals that were at the affected hotels.

Kimpton aren't alone in these attacks, in recent years’ hundreds of hotel chains worldwide have been affected by these attacks.

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