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<a href="/news/judgment-for-morrison-s-data-leak" title="Judgment for Morrison’s data leak!">Judgment for Morrison’s data leak!</a>
Posted on: 05 Dec 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Judgment for Morrison’s data leak!


A high court ruled last Friday that Morrison’s were responsible for a data leak back in 2014. The data leaked back in 2014 included staff member’s personal details, this leak was down to an ex-employee who is now currently serving 8 years. The man responsible was Andrew Skelton, he was sentenced in 2015, the attack was in response to a disagreement that Skelton had with the company.  Skelton was accused of dealing legal highs at the Morrison’s headquarters based in Bradford.

The leak in March 2014 compromised nearly 100,000 Morrison’s employees’ payroll information. This included details regarding salaries and also bank details, the information was published online but it was removed a few hours later. A group of 5,518 employees took the supermarket giant to court, it was confirmed during the case that those who were affected can claim compensation for the upset and distress that the leak caused.

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