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<a href="/news/jeep-owners-urged-to-update-onboard-software" title="Jeep Owners Urged to Update Onboard Software">Jeep Owners Urged to Update Onboard Software</a>
Posted on: 23 Jul 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Jeep Owners Urged to Update Onboard Software


The current model of the Jeep Cherokee is vulnerable to hacker attacks thanks to the mobile network it uses for its internet connectivity.  Anyone who uses the uConnect service and can decipher the individual IP address of the vehicle can hack into its systems.  Reports have confirmed that hackers can access fundamental technical parts of the vehicles and could cause a crash using remote software. An urgent update to the software has been issued by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and all owners are urged to update as soon as possible.

The hackers have access to the engine, brakes and other major comment parts of the vehicles and frighteningly, hackers do not need to be close to the vehicle to do this. A report by Sky News showed just how easy it was to crash the vehicle simply by using a mobile phone and a laptop. They successfully crashed the vehicle into a ditch.

This once again outlines the need to ensure that all of your systems are kept up to date.  You can also protect your systems by adding antivirus software too to endure that the hackers cannot breach your systems.  ITWiser provide an Internal and External Security Audit that can help identify areas of potential concern.  We offer impartial advice as to how to protect you most efficiently and also offer a cloud antivirus solution.


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