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<a href="/news/jamie-oliver-hacked-for-the-third-time-this-year" title="Jamie Oliver Hacked for the Third Time This Year">Jamie Oliver Hacked for the Third Time This Year</a>
Posted on: 01 Jul 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Jamie Oliver Hacked for the Third Time This Year


The main website for the TV Chef and food campaigner Jamie Oliver has been compromised now for a third time this year.  The website has been infected with a link that redirects page viewers to another site which once clicked infects the users computers.

Users are then monitored in the background by the malware, which is constantly scanning in the background of their PC’s looking for passwords and other sensitive information that can be used by the hackers.  This type of malware isn’t as visible as most. Despite their best efforts, the team behind the website have still to find the root cause of the three attacks.

Users need to protect themselves from such an attack by keeping their anti-virus software as up to date as possible.  ITWiser can offer and External Security Check and also a full Cloud Web Security services to ensure that you and your business users are protected from such attacks.

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