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<a href="/news/it-security-specialists-near-leeds-yorkshire" title="IT security specialists near Leeds, Yorkshire">IT security specialists near Leeds, Yorkshire</a>
Posted on: 14 Nov 2012 

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IT security specialists near Leeds, Yorkshire


Protect Your Privacy Online with Cyber Security

Cyber security and network security

In this day and age, almost all businesses depend on the Internet. People’s lives have also been very dependent on the internet with most of their information stored on one or two websites. Since the reliance on the internet is rampant, protecting files that contain private information is now vital. Every individual who has information online needs some degree of cyber security, which detects and prevents attacks of cyber criminals from accessing personal and confidential information.

Many Yorkshire businesses use the services provided by Leeds IT security specialists, IT Wiser. They offer services that prevent hackers from getting through the computer system which they attempt to do in order to misuse pictures and personal information. Cyber criminals can also steal passwords, credit card information, and make unauthorized purchases. Businesses are not the only ones who can obtain the help of a cyber security company; people who work at home can do so as well.

The demand for mobile devices and applications is on the rise, so the importance of protecting one’s privacy is more urgent than ever. News reports have constantly reminded owners of mobile devices that cyber attacks have been aimed at the gadgets, with some apps containing malicious code or malware. Unsuspecting users may download the app for free or purchase it for a minimal fee. The app can have a program that has Key Logger or one that records phone calls and text messages. We all need to guard against this form of cyber attack.

The social engineering threat is on the rise as well. There are websites that lure people to click on malicious links by using a rogue antivirus. There is also fake software that mimics the cloud computing services.

Another form of attack is `advanced persistent threat` which is similar to long-term hacking. The targets of this type of cyber threat are usually intellectual property and these are obtained through stealthy and subversive means. Espionage is one way and another is by working on vulnerable points to penetrate a network. Once the security of a network is breached, the data and permissions can be copied and abused.

One serious attack aimed at businesses and top organizations is spear phishing. The objective of these attacks is to acquire confidential data in order to gain access to IT networks. Attempts at spear phishing are conducted by perpetrators out for trade secrets, financial gain, or military information; they are not initiated by random hackers. Phishing messages appear to come from a source that is trusted, sometimes from a famous company or a website that has millions of members (PayPal or Facebook) but with spear phishing, the source can be from the target’s own company or organization – sometimes it can come from someone who appears to hold an authoritative position. [Read more about spear phishing here. ITWiser is not responsible for content held externally to this website.]

It is better to be safe than sorry. Whether or not you are being targeted by cyber criminals, contact IT Wiser – one of Yorkshire’s IT security specialists, based near Leeds. The company offers a range of IT security services that will protect you and the privacy stored in your computer and online accounts.

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