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<a href="/news/is_netslacking_affecting_your_business" title="Is ‘Netslacking’ Affecting your Business?">Is ‘Netslacking’ Affecting your Business?</a>
Posted on: 04 Apr 2013 

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Is ‘Netslacking’ Affecting your Business?


The internet is arguably the most powerful resource in modern business. More and more companies are relying on the Web to do business, whether it’s for research purposes, communication, marketing, or simply to harness some of the great software and cloud computing platforms that are now available. Whatever the use, the amount of time spent online by businesses continues to increase; unfortunately, with that comes a rise in the number of unregulated and unmonitored issues affecting office machines.

Internet access in the office can be as dangerous as it is useful. Employees given open access to a personal computer and the internet are engaging more with non-work related websites, so much so that a new term has been coined to describe the problem: “netslacking.”

Netslacking is, as the name suggests, a term that refers to employees browsing social networks and other websites when they should be working. And it is a real problem. In fact, recent surveys have shown that many office staff are using social network sites for the same amount of time during work as they do in their spare time.

Okay, so perhaps one or two individuals spending half an hour on Facebook or Twitter during the day isn’t much to worry about; but what if you are an office of 30 or 40 people and every employee is netslacking? Then you have a problem on your hands.

Not only does netslacking affect productivity, access to unmonitored sites could lead to malware, spyware, and other dangerous viruses compromising your system. Moreover, as an employer, you have a duty to protect employees from exposure to illegal, offensive, and explicit material found on the web.

Protect your staff, protect your machines

To prevent your staff from netslacking and to protect them from malicious content, it is essential that you have measures in place that allow you to monitor employee internet usage. The solution to this is found in Cloud Web Security.

At IT Wiser, we offer the most comprehensive Cloud Web Security service available, providing you with…

* The ability to configure policies and monitor employee internet activity

* Better use of bandwidth resources

* Protection from data leakage through webmail and file sharing control

Our service provides protection to your machines and your staff, even if the computer is away from the network, and incorporates the latest advanced antivirus software and URL content filtering to ensure employees only have access to work-related sites.

Netslacking is becoming a real problem for businesses up and down the country; don’t let your staff take advantage of your systems, get Cloud Web Security today by calling ITWiser on 01274 868924.

About ITWiser

ITWiser provide IT security services and advice for small to medium sized businesses throughout the UK. We are based in West Yorkshire. Our expertise is varied and includes network security audits, ethical hacking testing (also known as penetration testing), Cloud Anti-Virus and  many other Cloud-based security products and services. Why Cloud-based? Because we believe this form of internet security offers greater protection for our clients than more conventional 'installed' software.

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