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<a href="/news/invisible-man-malware-causing-chaos-for-android" title="‘Invisible Man’ Malware causing chaos for Android!">‘Invisible Man’ Malware causing chaos for Android!</a>
Posted on: 02 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

‘Invisible Man’ Malware causing chaos for Android!


It has been reported there is a new strain of malware targeting mobile banking customers, mainly customers in the UK and Germany. The Svpeng software has been around for the last 4 years, the creator of the software was jailed back in 2015. However, the malware is constantly evolving thanks to other cyber crooks trying their hand with the code.

Kaspersky have been doing some research into this malware nasty, they have found a new strain that targets Androids accessibility services. The malware places an overlay on top of legit banking applications installed on an android device. This invisible layer then intercepts the touchscreen to that application and it logs the presses.

It is basically acting like a key logger, it collects the victim’s login details as they access and use the app. Once they have this information they can then proceed to drain the account.

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