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<a href="/news/india-s-internet-registry-breached" title="India’s internet registry breached!">India’s internet registry breached!</a>
Posted on: 05 Oct 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

India’s internet registry breached!


It has been reported by Seqrite an Indian antivirus vendor that the nations internet registry has suffered a breach. It has been reported by the parent company that the information obtained during the attack was trivial.

Seqrite announced that their researchers noticed an advertisement on the Dark Net, this advert was promoting access to servers and databases for over 6000 Indian businesses. The researchers then posed as an interested buyer to try get some more information on the data been advertised. The advertisers then produced some screenshots of the data, this then indicated to the researchers that the data has come from the Indian Registry of Internet Names and Numbers (IRINN).

Seqrite who are also known as Quick Heal Technologies have said that interested buyers only need to part with 15 bitcoins to see the data. The data that is on offer is very detailed, which could lead to all sorts of issues for the companies on the list.

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