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<a href="/news/how-url-filtering-can-help-business-productivity" title="How URL Filtering Can Help Business Productivity">How URL Filtering Can Help Business Productivity</a>
Posted on: 30 May 2013 

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How URL Filtering Can Help Business Productivity


The old saying “time is money” may be clichéd, but in business it remains as true as ever. When it comes to running a productive and profitable business, every hour wasted causes damage to the bottom line and for this reason time wasting must be cut to a minimum.

Now, there are numerous ways in which employees waste time at work: long toilet breaks, overrunning meetings, chatting with co-workers, and sorting mistakes, to name but a few. However, in recent years, each of these things has taken a backseat to a new time wasting phenomenon: the internet.

As the internet has become increasingly important in business, loss of productivity due to Web surfing employees has increased exponentially. According to a survey released last year by, a massive 64 per cent of employees (almost two-thirds of the workforce) visited non-work related websites during working hours – every single day! Of those time-wasting employees, 39 per cent said they spend 1 hour or less per week on non-work related items, 29 per cent spend up to 2 hours mindlessly wasting time on the Web and 21 per cent waste up to 5 hours a week. Three per cent of the respondents admitted to spending as much as 10 hours on the internet when they should be working.

So which websites are these time-wasters visiting when they should be working? Well, the biggest culprit will come as no surprise. Facebook was visited by 41 per cent of those surveyed, followed by LinkedIn at 37 per cent, Yahoo at 31 per cent and Google+ at 28 per cent. Online shopping also proved popular, with 25 per cent of employees visiting Amazon.

How to solve the problem

As a business owner, time wasted on the internet not only means loss of productivity, but of much-needed bandwidth too. However, employers are in a tricky position, as the internet is vital for daily operations and employees are required to use web-based software and social media for marketing purposes.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem, and that comes in the form of URL filtering. Controlling the websites that employees can and cannot visit by filtering URLs will instantly eliminate the problem of internet time wasting.

URL filtering is part of ITWiser’s comprehensive Cloud Web Security service and will ensure that staff are only able to visit work-related websites, preventing lost hours and potentially malicious content from being viewed and uploaded/downloaded.

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