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<a href="/news/how-cloud-web-security-can-benefit-a-byod-workplace" title="How Cloud Web Security Can Benefit A BYOD Workplace">How Cloud Web Security Can Benefit A BYOD Workplace</a>
Posted on: 02 Oct 2014 

Posted By: IT Wiser

How Cloud Web Security Can Benefit A BYOD Workplace


‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) is a trend on the rise within business IT. Employers are looking to embrace the shifting culture in IT that has been brought on by the exponential growth in smartphones, tablets, and Web-based laptops such as the Chromebook. Everyone has their own devices, so allowing them into the workplace can be great for productivity. However, there are also risks involved and running such a concept successfully will require the use of Cloud Web Security.

The Benefits of BYOD

One of the great things about BYOD for employers is that the cost of hardware and services generally lie with the user. Staff bring their own technology to work and it saves the company a lot of money.

Using their own systems means employees get to work on a device they are familiar with and can work better on. Why would anyone want to use a computer selected and issued by an IT department when he or she can use their own laptop or tablet – one that they know and love?

BYOD also helps eliminate the costly and laborious process of hardware and software updates, which can affect productivity.

As you can see, the advantages of BYOD are extremely appealing and beneficial to both employer and employee, but such a process is not without its drawbacks.

The Disadvantages of BYOD

The biggest benefit of BYOD also happens to be its biggest weakness. Allowing staff to use their own devices means losing a degree of control over how the hardware is used. Systems that are issued by the company tend to have user policies installed and security in place that is managed by the IT department. Without systems being overseen by employers, staff is given much more freedom to use software and the internet in whichever way they choose. This can lead to ‘cyberslacking’ and lost productivity.

Providing security software for each employee to install on his or her own systems is far from practical and can be incredibly costly, which is why Cloud Web Security should be the preferred option.

Cloud Web Security is, as the name suggests, cloud based, which means it requires no installation of software. It is also cross-platform compatible, allowing it to work on any operating system.

When used in the workplace, this cloud solution offers the best of both worlds. Employees get to bring their own systems to work and receive free antivirus protection, while employers can ensure systems are protected and they can implement necessary user policies and URL content filtering to aid productivity. Everyone benefits

If you are planning of introducing BYOD, Cloud Web Security is vital in ensuring the concept is a success. To find out more about how this service can help your business, contact ITWiser today.

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