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<a href="/news/hosting-company-s-customer-data-leaked" title="Hosting company’s customer data leaked!">Hosting company’s customer data leaked!</a>
Posted on: 29 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Hosting company’s customer data leaked!


A large Swedish web hosting company has been compromised recently and their entire customer database has been leaked. The breached company Loopia made a statement to say that the breach happened last Tuesday (22nd August), they notified their customers on Friday. They notified customers of a global password reset and advised users to update their personal information.

The statement went on to say that hackers had access to parts of the database that contained customer’s information. Information that was accessible included personal information and contact information, it also included encrypted (hashed) passwords to Loopia Kundzon. Information such as Payment information for credit cards and other payment methods weren’t leaked or affected.

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