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<a href="/news/homes-can-be-hacked-thanks-to-smart-fridge" title="Homes Can Be Hacked Thanks To Smart Fridge">Homes Can Be Hacked Thanks To Smart Fridge</a>
Posted on: 24 Sep 2015 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Homes Can Be Hacked Thanks To Smart Fridge


Samsung, a leading electrical appliance manufacturer has launched a new generation of home fridge freezer that can be connected to the internet.  The Fridge freezer connects to users Gmail calendar but it has been reported that the same connection, if left open, can allow access to the users gmail account and password.

It is becoming increasingly important to ensure data protection and often it is simple “open doors” such as the one outlined above that can cause your business to be breached.  It isn’t necessarily the more obscure security settings that allow hackers to enter your network and steal information. 

 ITWiser offers a service of Internal and External Security audits to help you ensure that your systems are as safe as they can be.  We also offer a new service offering a full Virtual IT Manager package which can ensure that your business is protected from a lot of the minuscule risks such as regular updates of your firmware. We also offer award winning antivirus protection as a standard in this package.

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