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<a href="/news/hmrc-involved-in-data-leak" title="HMRC involved in data leak!">HMRC involved in data leak!</a>
Posted on: 23 Jan 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

HMRC involved in data leak!


It has been reported that almost 1,500 email addresses have been leaked in a mass mailing incident. The email addresses belong to software developers who are registered to use the API platform. This issue occurred on Friday afternoon, during the afternoon an email was sent out regarding the HMRC Developer Hub.

However, all the intended recipients email addresses were visible in the cc field of the email. The email in question with the subject “API Platform update” was sent out by the software developer support team at 16:04pm. About 30 minutes after that email was sent out the issue was raised with the support team, they then issued a recall for that email. This means the same group of people received another email containing all 1,455 or so email addresses in it.

Following the recall another email was sent out to apologise about the breach, this time the list of addresses was added to the blind copy field.

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