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<a href="/news/hackers-steal-60m-from-bank" title="Hackers steal $60m from bank!">Hackers steal $60m from bank!</a>
Posted on: 11 Oct 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Hackers steal $60m from bank!


It has been reported that hackers have managed to pinch $60m from the Far Eastern International Bank in Taiwan. The hackers managed to gain access to a few computers inside the banks network Friday last week. On a positive note for this instance of a company been infiltrated and hacked, most of the money that was stolen has been recovered. Furthermore, there have been 2 arrests in connection with this case, however outcomes like this after a hacking a rare.

The bank admitted that on Friday malware managed to gain access onto the machines that were involved, the malware also managed to gain access to the servers within the organisation. The malware managed to gain access to a critical SWIFT terminal, these are used for transferring funds between other financial institutions across the globe.

Once the malware masterminds were on the network they set to work and started harvesting credentials, these credentials would allow them to commandeer the terminal. They then proceeded to drain money out of the bank, by the time the staff had noticed the strange transactions the money was gone. The $60m that was taken was wired to various banks in the US, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

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