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<a href="/news/hackers-menace-mac-users" title="Hackers menace Mac users!">Hackers menace Mac users!</a>
Posted on: 10 Feb 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Hackers menace Mac users!


Apple Mac users have been taking a lot of stick from hackers recently. Hackers have been sending word documents which are loaded with malicious macros, these will then install malware on your computer.

Security researchers have spotted lots of malicious files going around this week, one of these was called “U.S. Allies and Rivals Digest Trumps Victory”. If any Apple users have opened this file or any similar it will prompt them to enable macros. If the user enables this then the file executes a function which has been coded in python, this will download a malware payload which will infect the machine.

Security researchers have been looking at the documents that have been spread, the main IP address has been located in Russia, this IP address has been associated with phishing attacks and other types of malicious activity.

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