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<a href="/news/hackers-compromise-commercial-sites-running-the-popular-open-source-magento-platform" title="Hackers compromise commercial sites running the popular open-source Magento platform">Hackers compromise commercial sites running the popular open-source Magento platform</a>
Posted on: 06 Apr 2018 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Hackers compromise commercial sites running the popular open-source Magento platform


Hundreds of commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet running the popular open-source Magento platform have been compromised by hackers to scrape credit card numbers and install crypto-mining malware.

Powerfront CMS and OpenCarts which are other popular e-commerce processing content management systems are also being targeted.

Attacks like these are made easier when admins fail to alter the credential upon installation platforms. Meanwhile attackers can build simple automated scripts loaded with known credentials to gain access of the panels. Once the attacker has gained control of the site’s Magento CMS admin panel, they can add any script they choose. Hackers were inserting the malicious code in the Magento core file, granting them access to pages where payment data is processed. It would appear most of the victims belong to firms in the education and healthcare industries, largely in the US and Europe.

Magento admins are being recommended to examine CMS account logins and relieve their exposure to brute-force attacks by getting rid of weak passwords and enforcing two-factor authentication.

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