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<a href="/news/google-play-store-malware" title="Google Play Store malware attack!">Google Play Store malware attack!</a>
Posted on: 15 Sep 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Google Play Store malware attack!


It has been reported that Google has had to remove 50 apps from the Play Store because they’re riddled with malware. Researchers have found that virus creators had managed to trick the Chocolate Factory’s code checking system.

Checkpoint security researchers have called the malware ExpensiveWall, the reason for this is because it was discovered in the Lovely Wallpaper app. There isn’t anything lovely about this nasty, it carries a payload that will register victims for paid online services which then send premium rate messages. Once these messages have been sent all that’s left now is for the user to collect the hefty bill, this payload was found in 50 apps across the Play Store. It has been reported that these apps containing the payload have been downloaded by 1-4.2 million people.

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