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<a href="/news/google-play-s-malware-defences-slip" title="Google Play’s malware defences slip!">Google Play’s malware defences slip!</a>
Posted on: 24 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Google Play’s malware defences slip!


It has been reported by a few security researchers that they have uncovered an Android banking malware, which uses Google Play apps to slip past the radar. 2 main apps have been identified one which is a game called “Bubble Shooter Wild Life”, the second app is called “Earn Real Money Gift Cards”. They are both in the Google Play store and are actually coded to drop malware onto devices, the malware is called BankBot. This was uncovered by Han Sahin who is co-founder of Securify.

Another researcher from Zscaler supports the findings of Securify, both the applications in question are capable of abusing the accessibility permissions. As a result of this abuse it means that the cyber criminals can download additional programs without the user’s knowledge.

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