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<a href="/news/german-company-sued-for-keylogging" title="German company sued for keylogging!">German company sued for keylogging!</a>
Posted on: 03 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

German company sued for keylogging!


It has been reported that a German court has ruled that installing keylogging software, onto their employees machine and using the findings to fire them is not OK. This was decided last week in the Federal Labor Court, after looking at a case of a web developer getting fired for developing a computer game whilst at work.

The company found out about the developer’s extra activities after installing keylogging software on all machines. There was a warning that all “internet traffic” would be logged, however the software did much more, it recorded every key stroke and took screenshots regularly and then stored all this on the server.

The employee was called into the office and fired even though he had been loyal and trouble free for 4 years. The developer said he was doing it during his breaks and he had only spent 3 hours over 4 months on this game. Needless to say he was fired, he then took them to court because the evidence was gathered illegally and didn’t warrant being fired.

The court said the company had acted disproportionately, spending a few hours creating a computer game didn’t warrant being fired. The developer admitted to using the computer for personal use during his lunch breaks. The court also said using software like this was unlawful as it’s a high level of surveillance, further more if it was to fall in the wrong hands it could be fatal.

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