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<a href="/news/fridays-massive-ddos-attacks" title="Fridays massive DDOS attacks!">Fridays massive DDOS attacks!</a>
Posted on: 24 Oct 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Fridays massive DDOS attacks!


On Friday a massive army of hacked devices turned on the internet and broke a huge chunk of the web. The devices include things like routers, security cameras and also video recorders. The identity of the masterminds behind this massive attack which affected millions is still unknown.

The devices followed orders that were given by the unknown hackers, hacked devices threw massive amounts of junk traffic at servers. These servers were operated by a US-based DNS services provider called Dyn, large and small websites were affected by this attack.

As a result of this attack hundreds of websites were offline for several hours, some of the big names that were affected include, Netflix, Twitter, Reddit, GitHub and many more. Reports have said that tens of millions of addresses were used to shatter the internet. A lot of the devices used in the attack were running Mirai malware, this source code is now publicly available, so anyone can use it against targets.

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