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<a href="/news/fraudsters-pose-as-uk-banks" title="Fraudsters pose as UK banks!">Fraudsters pose as UK banks!</a>
Posted on: 04 Nov 2016 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

Fraudsters pose as UK banks!


Cybercrooks are becoming smarter, they are always trying to find new ways to defraud people. They are posing as support staff for companies, then once in conversation they try to get users to part with their credentials.

There was a bogus twitter account that was created that was called @barclaysHelpUK, this account is a real example of cybercriminals trying to steal information from customers. This account has been suspended, but more will be created with the same intent and purposes.

People who are having issues will often voice their opinions publicly via social media which can alert all sorts of people. They do it in the hope that someone will respond and help them but will it be the right person that responds. 

ITWiser offer many different services and solutions that can help prevent situations like this happening to your business. We offer cloud mail security solutions that can help prevent these scams ever hitting your inbox. We also offer hardware firewalls, for more information on these or any of our other services and solutions please get in touch today.

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