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<a href="/news/foxitpdf-reader-wont-patch" title="FoxitPDF Reader wont patch!">FoxitPDF Reader wont patch!</a>
Posted on: 21 Aug 2017 

Posted By: ITWiser Webmaster

FoxitPDF Reader wont patch!


It has been reported by Zero Day Initiative that FoxitPDF Reader have some vulnerabilities that haven’t got a fix, mainly because the vendor is resisting patching. The ZDI made the decision last week that they needed to go public about the vulnerabilities for FoxitPDF Reader. The vulnerabilities are CVE-2017-10951 AND CVE-2017-10952; they believe it warranted been released so at least some of the 400 million users could protect themselves from harm.

There is a slight bypass or workaround for these issues, that is to use the software’s secure mode when opening files, something that users might skip if they were normally opening a document.

CVE-2017-10951 is a vulnerability that allows the app.launchURL method to run a system call from a user supplied string, with insufficient validation.

CVE-2017-10952 is a vulnerability that means the “saveas” JavaScript function doesn’t validate what the user supplies. Which lets the attacker write files into an attacker controller location.

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